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How can you prevent rainwater from causing damage to your balcony?

When you live in a metropolis, having a balcony in your residential complex represents metropolitan affluence. Homes with balconies seem like a dream come true for most since it comes with scenic views and a glimpse of the life outside. A special place for most to unwind and get together on weekends.

Many residential projects with 3 & 4 BHK sea-facing apartments in Lower Parel, Dadar & Worli have balconies facing the Arabian sea. Some projects like Vraj Tiara, Worli, have balconies with 270-degree sea views, well ventilated with ample natural light into the homes.

Your love for the balcony is even more in the monsoons, as you watch the lush green foliage, the wind blowing, and the rain pitter-patter. There is nothing more bewitching than watching the sun rises and sets on a perch.

As much as the rains are a welcome change to the dry, hot weather, it is essential to prevent rainwater from entering your balcony and your homes. Here are some ways to keep balconies from soaking in the rainwater. At the same time, balcony encroachment has been made illegal according to Development Control Regulation (DCR) 1991.

Outdoor Blinds
These blinds protect you from the rain and sun rays while giving you the privacy you deserve. They make the space look bigger and clean. It also helps keep the rainwater from pooling on the balcony. These blinds can be retracted and completely opened when it isn’t raining. They are available in transparent PVC, wood look-alike, or mesh fabric called rain curtains.

Bamboo Chik Blinds
These sustainable options have an exterior waterproof coating and can withstand both sun and rain. They are a modern replacement for the old bamboo chik blinds. They are better than the regular bamboo blinds and help keep the rain out.

Roof Cover
If the balconies are not covered, you can install a lean-to roof with tiles or PVC sheet with a supporting frame.

Some other recommendations to ensure the balcony is kept dry in monsoons are:
•If your balcony is tiled, ensure you use anti-skid tiles to prevent balconies from being a slippery zone
•If you opt for wooden flooring, then it is an excellent alternative to opt for interlocking panels that can withstand sun and rain.
•Synthetic rattan, resin, and PVC are good options for outdoor furniture as they are weather resistant and easy to maintain.
•It is recommended to use wall paint of exterior grade to ensure the paints don’t peel off during monsoon.
•It is essential to ensure the balcony floor tilt towards one corner leading to the rainwater pipe. This will prevent the water from pooling on the floor. More importantly, the pipes should be free from leaves and twigs that can clog them during the rains.

No doubt that a balcony is a rare and precious addition in any city home. It is therefore prudent to take measures to ensure that your balcony in your dream residence remains as beautiful as your home.

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