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Space crunch stretches multilevel parking possibilities.

Post-pandemic, a heavy influx of people migrating to the cities in their vehicles resulted in space crunch and parking woes. This scenario was realized in the metros, especially Mumbai, Delhi, and Bangalore, by the urban planners who have emphasized multistorey car parking for residential and commercial premises.

City planners and developers have been constructing mechanical car parking and conventional ramp- style parking to decongest the city. Most real estate developers have incorporated this and have introduced automated or ramp parking in their project features.

For most home buyers, a privately owned car becomes an essential part of the lifestyle, especially on those family weekends. For an emergency to business, most residents in cities prefer to keep an alternative of owning a car park as an immediate or future requirement.

Let us delve into the types of car parking and their features to understand better.
A mechanical car parking is a multi-storied car park with minimal area/volume required for the car parking on multiple levels to maximize parking space with minimum space usage. It utilizes the mechanical system to transport cars to and from the parking spaces with minimal human intervention.

The features of Automated Parking Systems are
  • The mechanical systems are of two forms: semi-automated and fully automated systems.

  • Fully automated systems do not need attendants.

  • Parked cars are secure since there is no public access to them

  • Fully automated parking system operates like a robotic valet system

  • Reduces the magnitude of stress that comes with parking

  • Although very popular, these parking systems have high construction costs and maintenance since various components make the system work. There is also a possibility of a breakdown at some point in time. In a scenario like this, vehicles will not be able to access the building, and cars parked inside won’t be able to move out.

    Ramp parking is an open paved slope at multi-levels where vehicles can be parked. The ramp parking systems are clearway or adjustment systems with straight or curve parking.

    The features of Ramp Parking Systems are
  • Safety in use

  • Clear visibility

  • Parking-space marking to enable drivers to remember the location of their vehicles

  • Integration into the context of town planning

  • Clear views of the outside

  • Good natural lighting and ventilation

  • The ramp parking is divided into the following:
    Basement parking
    Podium Parking
    Independent building for parking
    Rooftop parking

    Stamped concrete parking is an ideal ramp for its longevity of 25+ years, is low maintenance, is slip resistant, and can be aesthetically designed with variations in patterns like field stone, brick, slate, etc.

    With the growing number of vehicles in the cities, housing societies have now made it a top priority for homeowners to have allocated parking slots in the residential complex to avoid any dispute or fee structure.

    While purchasing a new apartment, one can book parking space based on the number of cars the home buyer expects to park. Some residential complexes also provide visitor car parking spaces with valet. New residential projects have CCTV, security, valet, and dedicated parking space for homeowners, along with EV charging points for hybrid cars. Residential projects like Vraj Tiara, located at Veer Nariman Marg, Worli, have all these facilities along with reception and concierge services for their visitors and residents. The 3 & 4 BHK sea-facing luxurious apartments have balconies with 270-degree sea view from every home, rooftop amenities like a cafeteria, barbecue pit, sky lounge, etc., while the 24 th floor is dedicated to the gym and fitness.

    The various parking options have been encouraged by civic authorities to decongest roads in metro cities. The housing society of residential complexes and managing committees of commercial complexes have been encouraged to have parking slots assigned by the housing society to streamline parking penchants and restrictions.

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