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What is the importance of Sewage Management in modern apartments?

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One of the most important features of a residential complex is waste water management. With the rapid urbanisation in the country, the need for fresh water is a growing concern with not many resources to meet the need.

What is Sewage Treatment Plant?

It has been observed that 80% of the water that is utilised for domestic purpose comes out as wastewater. If left untreated, this results into water pollution. New residential projects in cities have adopted the evolving technologies that can treat the water to make it reusable for flushing toilets, watering plants and non-potable purpose. This process is called STP (Sewage Treatment Plant).

Sewage treatment is the process of removing contaminants from wastewater and household sewage water and make it reusable. It not only saves water by making water eligible to reuse but also stops the damage caused when wastewater is directly released into the environment.

The basic requirements of any treatment facility to deliver satisfactory performance over the long term are:
• Proper design of treatment plant
• Proper engineering of treatment plant
• Proper operation and maintenance of the plant

All the three mentioned points are interdependent to each other, and can deliver performance in synergy with each other. It is affordable and simple. It also increases the standard of living of the society.

In metro cities like Mumbai, housing projects with more than 20,000 sq metres are given clearance upon the condition that they treat solid waste in-house, making it mandatory for them to have functional and compliant private STPs. If the real estate developer is handing over a well-built and well-maintained STP facility, it can save you tremendous cost & misery in the future.

Many residential projects such as Vraj Tiara at Worli, are taking steps to develop environment-friendly ways such as Sewage treatment plan facility in the basement, provision for segregation of wet and dry garbage, and rain water harvesting.

STPs are your best bet for a sustainable future, not to mention mandatory for larger complexes. Sooner rather than later, it’s prudent to make them a way of life. Let water come full circle and not flow to countless drains and dead-ends.

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