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Why do home buyers need to stress on Location?

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Economic research has rarely considered the importance of homes and its surrounding neighbourhood where business owners live for their business. Housing locality and its neighbourhood have often shaped businesses to flourish making it ever so significant! While the first choice for most home buyers is a home in the heart of the city viz. properties in Worli sea face or flats in Worli, Dadar or Lower Parel. The question often asked by most home buyers is: Is this the ideal home for one’s family?

Research has indicated that living in an ‘advantaged’ neighbourhood where a sizeable proportion of residents are affluent, educated professionals is directly associated with children’s and adolescents’ achievements and above all a family advantage.

Some of the desirable locations for millennials, young families and retirees are residential flats in Worli especially in the serene by lanes of Worli. While the residential flats in Worli, especially Vraj Tiara is an optimal choice for its close proximity to health care facilities and recreational space like gardens; Worli sea face; entertainment zone within minutes reach, advantage of local convenience stores around; malls; movie theatres; eateries and most importantly having the ease of commute to the popular business districts in the city. The infrastructure development in terms of connectivity brought about by the upcoming metro station, upcoming Coastal Road, Bandra Worli Sea Link and the Sewri- Worli elevated corridor, thus raising the value of the properties in Worli as an investment for the future.

A great location creates desirability, which in turn creates demand and consequently raises the real estate price.

If you are thinking of buying a home, here are a few location factors to keep in mind.

The proximity of Important Services For families with children and the elderly, choosing the right home means good schools in the vicinity in addition to health care facilities within a few minutes’ reach.

Commute Time Choose your neighbourhood wisely so that you don’t spend more time in traffic than actually enjoying your new home.

Availability of civic amenities A weekend getaway from your daily routine would only mean meeting up with friends or catching up on movies and dinner ensuring the home is not too far away in times of emergencies.

Resale Value in Future When you are thinking about buying a house, it seems strange to think of resale value. But this is one of the most important factors for the future.

Quality of Infrastructure. While buying a home in the city is difficult, it is equally important to ensure there is no waterlogging and commute to the residence is not going to take long due to the endless traffic jams.

Nearby Means of Transportation Ease of commute with more than one means of transport plays a significant role in one’s lifestyle.

Future Development Buying a property as an investment for the future also translates to improvement in the public infrastructure and rise in the property value.

Safety Safety of the location defines the market value of the property. Ensuring the residential property has its security measures is a crucial factor while buying a home in the metros. In conclusion, the location of your home determines many things: quality of life, school choices, commute time, and social interaction. While investment into properties in Worli especially the flats in Worli’s upcoming residential project such as Vraj Tiara can not only elevate your lifestyle but also be a worthy investment for the future.

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