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How to design bare-shell apartments in an organised way?

In the last few months, real estate has seen a surge in the luxury sector, especially the luxurious 4 BHK flats in south Mumbai. The demand for bare-shell apartments with scenic views in a prime location seems ideal for most home seekers.

With bare-shell properties in high demand on the market, buyers find it easy to decide whether they want to spend money on personalizing the home compared to a semi or furnished apartment. Properties with empty shells are excellent for those who seek customization. You get to design a room suited to your tastes and way of life. While completely exhilarating, furnishing your first apartment may also be intimidating.

So where do you even begin?
You don’t need to be an expert to create an ideal home, so don’t stress. Follow a few easy steps to translate your idea into detailed drawings that a contractor may use.

Here are ways to design your home in an orderly way:

Determine the budget you would spend
Although it is the least enjoyable aspect of house design, this step is crucial. Your budget will influence every other choice you make.
Expenses for a custom-made design may mount up rapidly. You may have difficult conversations during the design process about which wish list items you need and which ones are unfeasible.

Some expenses to consider would be:
– False ceiling
– Flooring
– Furniture
– Furnishings & Wall décor
– Bathroom fittings
– HVAC / air conditioning
– Kitchen décor
– Home Appliances

This can be beneficial when you don’t want to go overboard with the purchases and can also give a fixed requirement to the contractor and designers involved in the project.

Design of the layout based on the positioning of the apartment
Before designing the home, it is important to determine the layout based on the natural light entering the rooms, wind direction, and entry and exit of every room.

Your home’s interior design will be influenced by the position of the apartment and how it is orientated. For instance, the placement of each room may depend on which sides of the home receive more natural light than others.

While some homes, like the luxurious 4 BHK flats in Worli at Vraj Tiara, have ample natural light entering the rooms from the large French windows and balconies overlooking the Arabian sea. The apartments are designed based on the guidelines of Vaastu principles.

Design based on your Lifestyle
When you design your home, you can create something specifically suited to your way of life when you design your own house. Consider your ideal house in the context of your lifestyle.
– Storage space
– Closet size
– Size of the room
– Type of kitchen
– Open / closed floor plan

With the power of flexibility to design the home as per your needs can be an incredible feeling considering you have the advantage of moving and placing it the way you want.

Thus the benefit of a bare-shell apartment is that the homeowners can freely design, and organize the area as wanted as per their desired lifestyle.

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