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How should you choose a home based on the amenities offered?

Residential property amenities are crucial for enhancing the quality of life today. Those interested in purchasing a home desire a lifestyle like a resort. Nobody likes to go outside for pleasure after a long, stressful day. For homeowners who want to lead pleasant lives, society’s amenities for a comfortable existence are a bonus. The residential property must include a few fundamental, non-negotiable facilities, such as open space, appropriate parking space security, and power backup available around the clock. The most preferred amenities among luxurious 4 BHK flats in Mumbai have been lifestyle features like a swimming pool, barbecue pits, cafeteria, etc, popular among most millennials, who are now a sizeable group of homebuyers.

Prospective tenants and buyers frequently mention amenities as why they buy or renew a lease. Additionally, every apartment complex has different amenities, allowing owners and property managers to charge more for their apartments.

It is crucial to understand that not all apartment facilities are created equal and that some are more beneficial to tenants than others. Therefore, you should consider every family member’s behaviours, tastes, and demographics when determining which facilities to add to your multifamily property.

Most homebuyers aspire for amenities that may be aspirational and come at a premium. As a home buyer, the must-have amenities should have the four essential features.
• Luxury
• Convenience
• Safety/security
• Wellness
Luxury Amenities: A property must provide recreational facilities so families can participate in leisure activities without navigating congested traffic.
Safety / Security: A property with amenities should be safe and under 24 x 7 surveillance for the safety of the residents and proper fire safety and security measures for the residing families.
Reserved Parking: Having a parking spot is essential for residential properties since parking a vehicle would become a daily hassle without them.
Waste sanitation & water inflow: The residential property must have a suitable waste disposal and sanitation system.
Age-friendly: The residential property must ideally be close to healthcare centres and hospitals for medical assistance, especially for seniors and children.
Accessibility: To avoid delays during crises, the residential project should be accessible to daily necessities like stores, markets, schools, and gas stations.

While most home buyers are looking for large apartments, the preference for comfortable apartments in a metropolis has always been luxurious 4 BHK flats in Mumbai. The new high-rise projects in Mumbai, such as Vraj Tiara, Worli, is centrally located to all business hubs, and educational institutes, close to daily conveniences and healthcare centers. The residential project offers the most mesmerizing 270-degree sea view for a luxurious 4 BHK flats in Worli, with balconies overlooking the Arabian sea from every home. The rooftop amenities, such as the barbecue area, sky lounge, kids’ play area, cafeteria, etc., along with the lifestyle wellness center and hi-tech gym on the 24th floor make the residential apartments a premium home. The project also features 8-level ramp parking, 24 x 7 security system, advanced fire safety systems and power backup for the high-speed elevators.

Thus, compared to 65% of baby boomers, 86% of millennial apartment owners are prepared to pay more for high-tech facilities and being close to social & entertainment hubs. Millennials like features that simplify their lives, such as electronic payment methods, in-unit laundry, and food delivery services, and need spacious homes with luxury amenities. Senior tenants frequently cite safety and security systems as a preferred amenity. Gen Zers may only make up a small portion of current buyers, but they are becoming more prevalent but decisive based on the travel time to work and lifestyle-related amenities. Therefore, choosing amenities based on family members becomes important when deciding factors for a home buyer.

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