December 30, 2022

Are you making the right decision while purchasing a home?

With property investment in Mumbai seeing a rise in 2022, the home-buying decision is a phase where most need clarification about the status of the property. […]
December 28, 2022

Should you live on a higher / lower floor in a high-rise residential building?

High-rise residential buildings now dominate many metropolitan cities’ skylines. After a lot of research made by the home buyers to zero in on the location, and […]
December 22, 2022

Why are rooftop amenities gaining ground in Mumbai city?

Don’t you want a crispy breakfast in the sunshine on a breezy morning Or a relaxing sip of coffee brewing conversations with your tribe in the […]
December 19, 2022

Why are luxury homes a popular demand in Mumbai?

With the growing demand for homes in Mumbai, the luxury housing sector is seeing a massive uptick, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic began to retreat from […]
December 15, 2022

How can the Mumbai Coastal Road enhance the lifestyle for those in Worli

In 2016, Mumbai saw a dream of the Coastal Road. A road that would reduce congestion and improve connectivity between the North and South of Mumbai. […]
December 12, 2022

Practical Luxury- A new definition to lifestyle homes.

‘Luxury,’ the term in Indian Real Estate, has evolved from a brand’s offering to measuring a customer’s experience. Today luxury signifies exclusiveness and quality in lifestyle. […]