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How to Buy Properties with Good Resale Value in South Mumbai
May 27, 2021
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For Home Buyers, newer expectations include healthcare and connectivity.
June 14, 2021
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Women have emerged as primary buyers of homes.

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The basic survival of a man has always been food, clothes and shelter in order to survive. With the leafing of years, the value of a house has been reformed from a need to a safe haven. There has been a fundamental change with the trends of people valuing their houses as a mode of permanence and security . Millennials used to prefer renting houses, but they have recently shifted to become more interested in purchasing homes. This trend has been noticed among the women work force.

While this shift in attitudes toward homebuyers was clearly noticeable, in addition to the globe being struck by the deadly epidemic, a trend began to emerge that was a hundred to one odds in favor of women purchasing homes.

It has always been the case that women are the primary drivers behind residential property ownership. However, with the growth of single-female and first-time buyers, owning a residence has emerged as an important financial stronghold for these customers.

According to the survey, the majority of Indian women buyers have switched their investment strategies to real estate, which now ranks higher than gold, bonds or fixed deposits among other choices. Covid-19, from 57% in the pre-pandemic edition to 62% in the present edition, shows that women’s desire for real estate has grown since the pandemic.

A research by a major property expert concluded that women strongly agreed that owning a home was their favourite asset type. 36% of the total 3,900 participants in this research were women. In the research presented here, over 82% of the respondents said they plan to acquire a property for personal use, whereas just 18% aim to acquire a property as an investment.

As a result, what led to the change in the current trend? This transformation stemmed from the impact of Covid-19, which demanded that individuals make sound, logical decisions regarding their health, safety, and financial stability. Awareness of both luxury housing and a better quality of life became more widespread as a result of the epidemic. Work-from-home (WFH) has driven up the desire for larger houses with workstations, as a probable new constant. It is no longer enough for both men and women to demand amenities like gyms; yoga studios and home theatres, since they are increasingly more interested in making themselves independent. The consumers are spending more time at home, and they are doing so in order to make their quality of life better while still getting what they want.

Additionally, women home buyers were given incentives from the government by way of a majority of banks giving reduced interest rates for loans to women, causing women to own property even in their early working years.
As a result, the implementation of RERA in India has had a positive impact on the spirits of investors and property purchasers searching for quality real estate. Although the introduction of COVID-19 makes the acquisition of property in India less murky, it also offers buyers clarity, registered properties; a simplified method of interaction and trustworthy developers, which makes the idea of purchasing property in India even more alluring to foreign nationals.

However, the recent decision by the Maharashtra state government to grant a 1% stamp duty rebate, issued on April 1st, 2021, if the home is registered in a woman’s name has helped spur more women to make the significant choice. The huge buying choice of a lifetime is being made available to women homebuyers who were undecided about whether or not to purchase a home. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for all women homebuyers who are still contemplating to make the biggest purchase decision of their life.

• The stamp duty benefit
• The lowest mortgage interest rates in history
• RERA certification of project delivery

Real estate offers the finest opportunities for all women to consider real estate their primary asset class, above other asset classes like stocks or gold.

Nevertheless, when it comes to purchasing a house, you must first choose the best home to suit your needs. This epidemic has given us this knowledge. When it comes to picking the ideal spot to live, a home with many, a living rooms, wide open spaces, lots of greenery, jogging track and security of parking spaces along with the proximity to essential lifestyle needs like schools, malls, hospitals, markets, and your office is very critical.

Vraj Tiara now offers for women home buyers a 3% stamp duty rebate. An offer hard to refuse since living in the heart of Mumbai city, with all of life’s conveniences like Atria, Reliance Jio Mart (Sahkari Bhandar), and convenience stores located within minutes of it’s residences is more than a dream home come true!. With Vraj Tiara’s 3,4,5 BHK sea facing flats, residents have the safety of 24 x 7 surveillance security, concierge services and the luxury of a dedicated 24×7 gymnasium on the 24th floor, while provision of other facilities like a kids’ play area, jogging track, a café and BBQ pits with panoramic 270-degree sea views of Arabian sea from the terrace and from the balconies of their homes.

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