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Windows, an unexpected connection to the outside world.

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Windows are an important part of homes since they are openings to the outside world and sunlight. Sunlight is very important in our day-to-day life to maintain our physical and mental health. It keeps your mind healthy and upbeat, increasing your daily productivity by a great margin. In days like these where work-from-home has become more of a norm than an exception, having sunlight enter your home plays an important role for mental health.

While deciding to buy a new house, prospective buyers tend to prefer ‘floor to ceiling’ windows, but often overlook the idea of large windows in general.

Below are some reasons why it is important to consider windows as an important part of your buying process.
• Large windows enhance the aesthetics of the apartment and the design features along with the textures, this is often overlooked.
• Sunlight can have a positive impact on mental and physical health, making you feel relaxed, happy, and productive.
• Big windows help with the design elements of the apartment, making it feel larger and airy.

Unfortunately, many buyers tend to move out of their already bought houses with complaints of the windows being “too small” because they didn’t prioritize the window positioning and size before buying the house. In a city like Mumbai, where the view from your bedroom is usually a building just 50 metres away, one would wish to live in a home with a serene view that adds character to their lifestyle and their apartment.

Most homes constructed with the view in mind, have balconies and large windows. A residential project in Worli like Vraj Tiara have clear height from floor to ceiling of 10.5 ft. Some prominent features include balconies with 270-degree sea view, ample of natural light into the apartment and the apartment is designed as per Vaastu principles. The provision of the bare shell apartments gives one the flexibility to customize the interiors to suit one’s lifestyle.

Apartments with large windows have immense amount of sunlight entering the house, making a huge difference in your overall quality of life. Of-course, the location of the apartment and its surrounding area would determine the amount of sunlight entering the house.

To check if your prospective apartment has good windows and lighting, always read the description of the apartment carefully and look for the description of apartment windows. Moreover, inspect the pictures of the apartment and examine the positioning of windows and lighting. Calling the landlord or listing agent and enquiring with them would also be a good start.

Here are some tips you should follow to get your ideal window size
1) Go on Google Street View and check the exteriors of the building where you plan on buying a house, you would be able to see how the windows look from the outside.
2) Enquire about the size of windows, lighting and surrounding area or listing agent. Specifically ask whether the surrounding buildings obstruct the way of light into the apartment.
3) It is also important to know if there are future real estate development around the vicinity that might cause obstruction of the view you are currently settling for.

Following these tips would help you get the ideal and optimum home.

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