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Why Neighbourhood Matters

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When you are hunting for a new place to live, it helps to remember the golden rule of real estate: You’re not just buying or renting a home — you are also buying into and becoming a part of a neighbourhood.

As most people are aware, not all neighbourhoods are perfect. Since not every neighbourhood might be a perfect fit for all the unique needs. Although a neighbourhood may have it’s own share of advantages and disadvantages, it is important to view it from each person’s perspective to match to one’s needs. Some homes that are centrally located in south Mumbai are often looked at as an ideal neighbourhood. Homes around Worli , Lower Parel and Prabhadevi are often considered as ideal place to live in. Home buyers are interested in purchasing properties like Vraj Tiara at Worli, which not only adds as an exclusive address to your residence, but also give you a good neighbourhood that you pride upon.

Some of the points mentioned below are:

Lifestyle match

A truly great neighbourhood is one which is in sync with the current lifestyle or as one aspires. Home buyers with families gravitate towards neighbourhood that can facilitate good schools, medical facilities and good connectivity.

Low crime rate

A low crime rate in your selection of neighbourhood gives a sense of calm and security. A police station, security in your premise and CCTV installations in and around the place can also be some factors that can assure you of the neighbourhood being safe.

Great schools

For home owners with children, great schools top their list of what makes a great neighbourhood. Not only are great schools important for families with children, they also make the surrounding neighbourhoods more valuable and more sought after, keeping property values strong.

Outdoor activities and facilities

Being close to the outdoor facilities you love can sweeten the appeal of your neighbourhood. Being close proximity to places to jog, relax and exercise can keep you riding high about your home. Proximity and access to tennis / squash courts and golf courses are also qualities that keep your neighbourhood on par.

Stepping back in time

Being close to the old charm of the city always has its own values.

New developments are wonderful and newly built homes are truly to die for, but the love for charm of living the old Mumbai lifestyle, established neighbourhoods. These are usually very stable, with long-time residents and community support, which also help encourage safety and low crime rates.

Access to medical care

Most home owners with senior citizens and young children in the family are looking for medical facilities near their homes. With the rise in pandemic and various illnesses, one would prefer homes that has facilities near to their home for any emergencies in the future.

Family friendly

Most of the families are enticed towards neighbourhoods with children having their friends to play and socialize. These are opportunities for children to have carpooling groups, activities and programs that can help them grow their tribe.

Close to public transportation

Easy access to public transportation is a fantastic plus for a neighbourhood and an amenity for almost any lifestyle. From a commuting millennial to a retiree, who wants to keep the car at home, public transit is an upgrade to any neighbourhood. With metro stations, Bandra Worli Sea link, Worli Sewree elevated corridor and Coastal Road being the new developments, the property value will rise and eventually one would look at these factors before investing in homes.

Nearby shopping and restaurants

If you want to be part of the hustle and bustle (and don’t want to cook dinner every night), having take aways and restaurants, shopping, and markets in proximity is a must! With the locations being around the home, one is never too far for any outings for after hours or an impromptu weekend outing.

Nightlife and entertainment

Is there a nearby mall or places of entertainment like movies, theatres, bars, and nightlife? This could be the one the thing that makes your neighbourhood come alive. This is a priority for anyone who is young and has a tribe at work place or friends who wish to plan those after hours on week days, since everyone appreciates a neighbourhood where the hot spots are within walking distance, or a short cab ride away.


Being able to leave the car keys at home and hit the pavement to walk to markets, shopping, restaurants, parks, and all the other amenities your neighbourhood has to offer can alleviate a lot of road rage and make you fall even deeper in love with your neighbourhood.

With centrally located homes that have sea facing flats like Vraj Tiara in Worli, offering 3 & 5 bed apartments, your home has all the components of being a good neighbourhood with the additional feature of being close to Worli sea face.

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