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Why is a Kid’s Play Area a significant feature when buying a home?

When you think of your childhood memories, some of the most memorable ones are those at the playground—the happy, rambunctious atmosphere where friendships were found and bonds were created.

Behind these giggles and smiles, there is more than what meets the eye. Researchers state that play areas with physical activities help children at different levels: physical, emotional, social, and cognitive development. These are essential tools in a child’s development.

Today’s children, however, are overwhelmed with activities with fewer opportunities to enjoy outdoor play. With digital entertainment like OTT and the pressure of academics, playtime has reduced their interaction with peers.

So, how does the child’s play help?

Learning Through Play

• Play is essential to fuel a child’s curiosity. As a child grows, structured play helps them learn diverse skills and tests their limits, e.g., slides, swings, and climbers. They help the child with agility, speed, strength, and balance.
• It helps children develop emotionally by developing skills that build self-confidence, such as conflict resolution. With climbers and activities of varying skill levels, the more challenging the activity encourages the child to develop skills that build self-confidence.
• Children look forward to playing time as it gives them a chance to visit friends outside school, meet new peers and play imaginary games that they might not be able to play at home.
• Inclusion is a value for life. Inclusion due to play brings valuable learning.

Social Life begins with baby steps

As parents, watching children and families get together for recreation is exciting. Within every climber, slide, swing, or shout and smile, countless benefits improve the quality of life for children through playtime.

With space constraints in residential projects, many real estate developers have utilized the rooftop to provide recreational space. These versatile spaces provide residents to enjoy skyline views and a social place for the neighbours to interact. Some sea-facing luxurious residential projects like Vraj Tiara in Worli have a kid’s play area, cafeteria, sky lounge, and many more amenities to cherish the lifestyle.

Thus, play areas in residential complexes or playgrounds in the vicinity play a vital role in the social development of children. This encourages outdoor play as a part of the daily routine putting children on the path of good health.

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