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Why are South Mumbai Properties at a Premium?
May 13, 2021
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On CP Meet

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And they were left awestruck!

When we finally agreed that Brokers and Channel Partners meet for an interactive session, we were presented with so many challenging things. The most confronting was the social distancing management, occasioned by the COVID-19 pandemic. It took an ample amount of time as the management had to plan, and brainstorm until we came up with a solution – a two-day event.

Following this official arrangement, was an extensive use of airwaves via smartphones, and feature phones. This was the very first time that the atmosphere was lively and charged up. The relentless efforts and dedication was worth it as the team received over 250 confirmations!
On the day of the event, the Marketing team ensured the entire space and lounge area were appropriately decked up with such flair of Old Mumbai Charm. In fact, the design was at its best. The team was well-prepared to meet the brokers and channel partners. The ambrosia of the Mumbai cuisine was all over the 16th level lounge area adjacent to the sea.

The event was hosted in Vraj Tiara in Worli and it was themed ’Old Charm of Bombay.’ The invitees were all welcomed and given an explicit presentation of the real estate project, the profitability of real estate in Mumbai, and a walk through a presentation, with a visit to the show flat of 3 BHK. It was quite an interesting interactive session and the guest really bonded with the management.

Over 160 channel partners attended the event, and they were quite astounded at the awesome sea view that the project provided. From the early to the late hours of the day, cards and promises of commitment were exchanged over various Mumbai delicacies such vada-pav, mukta-kulfi and so many others. More so, all was done, ensuring the observance of the COVID-19 safety rules at all times.

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