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Is your home Monsoon Ready?

The thought of the arrival of the monsoon brings a sense of happiness and relief to mind after all those long hot scorching summers. The air will be full of the fragrant smells of wet mud, followed by the rhythmic sounds of the droplets that make you love the rains even more! Although all these make rain seem pleasant and welcoming, it has its flip side in the metropolis with its own set of bittersweet memories. To most, the rains only add woes to commute and make it impossible to reach home with the traffic snarls.

The monsoons also bring in moisture into your homes, causing dampness, reacting with the cement and foundation of the house, thus making it weak. The homes also face leaking roofs, damp wardrobes, wet patches on walls, and wooden furniture, along with the doors expanding, resulting in damage.

Here are a few tips to keep your apartment monsoon ready.
Torrential rains cause damage to balconies. It is essential to relocate planters indoors.
Waterproofing and protective covers for balconies can minimize the damage.

Check on Electrical circuits.
Dampness causes short circuits and poses a safety risk. Keep electric wiring connections, appliances, and automation systems in check to avoid any accidents due to water and moisture.

Wooden furniture
Coat wooden furniture with lacquer or varnish every two years. This not only fills the pores and prevents wood swelling, thus increasing longevity. Placing camphor or naphthalene balls helps absorb moisture and prevents infestation of termites and other pests.

Ensure A/c Maintenance
Monsoons also mean an increase in the level of humidity—the dryness in the air and adequate cooling need cleaning and maintenance of the A/c units. Not doing so can only raise your electric bills.

Cupboards & rugs
Keeping dampness away from clothes and rugs is a lot of work! Ensure you keep naphthalene balls handy to keep moisture and pests at bay. Switch your regular fur, woolen carpets, and rugs to cane and bamboo ones. This will keep dust and dampness away.

Ventilated rooms minimize humidity and keep the room airy. A passage of fresh air can prevent diseases. Apart from cross-ventilation, plants like Boston Ferns, Peperomia, Peace Lilly, Bamboo plant, Golden pothos, English Ivy, and Spider plants absorb moisture and liven up the space.

One of the home’s most important aspects is having well-ventilated living spaces. It not only controls humidity but also improves air regulation. The houses with well-lit open spaces add positive vibes to the living spaces.

Residential spaces close to the sea need open, ventilated apartments for better air circulation and ample natural light to minimize moisture retention caused by humidity.

Residential spaces that offer 3 & 4 BHK sea-facing flats, such as Vraj Tiara, Worli offer large ventilated sea-facing customizable homes with 270-degree sea view. The bare shell apartments help to optimize the homes best suited for the home buyer.

In conclusion, while selecting a home it is important to not only think about the external amenities, and the location but also find ways to keep it season friendly.

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