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Is the shift in market trends towards conjoined homes a new demand?

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Lately there has been an emerging trend among the home buyers with nuclear families showing interest in small apartment size. The need for such homes has been witnessed by real estate companies as a shift in market trends and are conscientiously looking at this growing requirement among the customers and their demands. However a large number of business families living in compact homes are looking for larger spaces in conjoined homes

For most of the residents of the metropolis, who have been living in 1 BHK – 250 to 500 sq ft or 1.5 BHK homes and never a 3 BHK, this is nothing out of the ordinary.

The residents of Mumbai city have lived in small apartments for the longest. This was a way of living for most of them until 2005 – 2006. The reason they chose to continue living in the heart of the city was mainly to stay close to work; less commute and spending more time with the loved ones and living in the neighbourhood they grew up. The lack of space in Mumbai city and the demand for a lavish lifestyle came with the luxury projects further to the north of Mumbai and beyond. A larger home with lavish lifestyle in a new neighbourhood being a necessity. A vast number of populations migrated to these homes only to realise the distance between their homes; work and quality time towards family was being compromised in traveling.

In the 2020s, the realisation of upgrading properties to improve the lifestyle within the periphery of their old homes became a necessity. This was to ensure homes being closer to schools; offices and in close proximity to their daily conveniences being a prime factor for buying homes. This was primarily the emerging need among the families, who had their family business in south Mumbai’s commercial districts. Their need to upgrade their property without moving too far away!

What does the upgrade of property mean?

An upgrade of property doesn’t necessarily mean shifting from an old structure to a new structure with modern amenities. It also means a practical approach towards the investment made in real estate. An improvement in the lifestyle of the family members by accommodating the needs of every member of the family is among the primary reasons. A noticeable trend of joint families living in a nuclear style has shown a rise in demand for jodi / conjoined flats
Homes at Vraj Tiara has been steadily witnessing an increasing interest in the is 2320 Sq. ft. 5 BHK ‘jodi’ or conjoined apartments.

The 5 BHK sea facing residential home at Vraj Tiara in Worli, being seamlessly connected to every necessity of a modern-day family. Some foresighted couples, with or without children, also invest in these conjoined / jodi flats. These homes are preferred for their emphasis on living in the heart of the city, and being easily accessible by road and metro to reputed schools in the neighbourhood, centrally located to commercial districts in North and South Mumbai, close proximity to airports, recreational facilities and open spaces. Improvement in lifestyle with amenities like kids play area, dedicated floor to a fully equipped gym; jogging track; new lifestyle amenities like mini golf strip; rooftop observatory and cafeteria are some of the features the residential homes of Vraj Tiara in Worli has to offer.

With the trend for small ticket size homes is on the rise among the new investors, who invest in small configuration homes, families who intend to grow and stay within one’s reach are investing in conjoined / jodi apartments.

In conclusion, the real estate companies will continue developing homes with small configurations to meet the rising demand for nuclear families, while the others have a more balanced approach towards the growing trends in families opting to live the nuclear way, but within each other’s reach and hence are creating the conjoined homes!

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