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How does a balcony design change the viewpoint of your home?

While most of us are open to moving into the public spaces post the pandemic, many are still looking for the less crowded alternatives close to home. Fortunately for those privileged with a balcony, there are ways to unwind within the confines of your very home.

Although tourism destinations have opened up, the perfect summer staycation destination is within your very home.

Homes with balconies overlooking the sea have become a preference among home buyers for the scenic views that bring a holiday home feeling to an urban setting. Homes with 3 and 4 BHK with sea-facing balconies are always in demand. And those with uninterrupted sea views like residences in Vraj Tiara are considered to be premium properties for their proximity to the Bandra Worli Sea Link and the upcoming Coastal Road.

Here are some ways to improve your balcony decor.

Where Less is more
Reduce the clutter on the balcony. Keep it minimalistic.
Ensure that any furniture you put out there can be stacked up and moved away to a storage closet or inside your home during the rains. Consider a small bistro set and some favourite potted plants for a calm and relaxing space.

Tailor it to your likes
What makes you feel stress-free? Does the sight of fresh, colorful flowers calm you? Or do you prefer a beach or cityscape? You can re-create almost any aesthetic you want on your balcony.
Consider a small outdoor rug, turf tiles, or outdoor bamboo tiles to mimic the look of sand. Word of caution about those bamboo tiles, though. They may not be a great idea if the summertime is incredibly humid where you live. Sustained, intense, direct heat and high humidity could cause those tiles to buckle or warp.

Keep it Green
If your balcony gets lots of direct sunlight, consider Sunflowers or Coreopsis. Plants like Hibiscus and Lavender also do well in high sunlight. Consider some tremendous perennial flowers like Peonies, Russian Sage, Painted Daisies, or Lilies if you want something more colorful. Shop around and see what your neighbourhood nursery offers and ask their experts how best to care for your new garden. Some will need more watering and shade than others.

It can be easy to improve your balcony than procrastinate. You can make every occasion special by spending time outdoors at home. Read a book or flip through a magazine in the evenings when it’s not too hot. Sunlight is the best light for selfies, so why not take that Zoom happy hour call and get some Vitamin D while you’re being social?

Several residential projects in recent years have explored the potentialities of the addition of intermediate spaces in dwellings, not only in order to answer this spatial requirement but also to improve the indoor environmental conditions, especially in the aftermath of the pandemic. Acting as an element in-between inside and outside, they transform the indoor environment without resorting to mechanical elements and have been intensively tested in vernacular architecture and as a passive solution to reduce the energy consumption of contemporary buildings.

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