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Create Your Legacy – 83 year old Worli sea face walkway to be remade by 2022

Vraj Tiara

The life size statue of the common man by the famous cartoonist R. K Laxman stands on the sea face gazing at the sea, at Worli promenade, symbolizing the common man’s aspirations in Mumbai.

The walkway being the highlight of the city with thousands of locals who unwind near the sea every day, has a legend of its own.

‘Bombay’ being a city conjured up from the salt flats, isolated islands and marshes, has witnessed over time, its ever changing demographics due to the reclamation. ‘South Bombay Peninsula’ we know today, was a reclamation concluded by East India company built as it was thought to have been submerged in the sea between the original seven islands. Worli was a island that was connected to the main island of ‘Bombay’ in 1784 with the completion of Hornby Vellard, now known as Lala Lajpat Rai Road. The Love Grove pumping Station completed its construction in 1842 , with special mitre gates to be opened during low tide. The pumping station had bungalows for the administrative heads which today is replaced by Atria Mall.

With new landmass came a long stretch of waterfronts along the western perimeter which became a home to royalty and the affluents. While Worli was known to be the land of the Kalsi long before the cars moved around the promenade of the Worli we know today, Worli has always been a strategic coastal defence front from the 16th century as witnessed with the Worli Fort built on a hill by the British, overlooking Mahim Fort to keep a look out for the pirates and enemy ships.

Worli sea face today spreads over 2 km in length starting from the Worli Dairy and extends till INS Trata. The new walkway, will now be 4 km long and 20 meters wide. In all, there will be six interchanges. There are also plans to construct an underground parking lot nearby, a green patch between the walkway and the Coastal Road, a bus bay for the Bus Rapid Transport System which will cover the entire stretch of the Coastal Road.

The old Mumbaikars love their promenades as it has always been a breath of fresh air that keeps them going. Washing their tensions away with the waves that lash and a simple chatter with friends and neighbourhood natives making their day better.

The urban Royals of old Mumbai have always been looked upon with envy by the rest of the Mumbai. The lifestyle and the homes facing the Arabian sea like those at Vraj Tiara are minutes from the promenade. Being a stone throw away from Worli sea face one can enjoy a brisk walk by the sea that Mumbaikars look forward to and create your legacy!

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  1. Shehnaz says:

    I want a worli seaface bungalow

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