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June 19, 2021
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July 16, 2021
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Buying trends among Millennial Homebuyers.

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Indian real estate investment is on a rise in part because of the growing number of enthusiastic working millennials who want to own a property, and with Work from Home (WFH) culture becoming the new normal, they now have that opportunity. Increased demand has been observed for 3, 4 and 5 BHK homes in the Mumbai, in the suburbs of the city, and in the Northern districts of Mumbai due to first-time homebuyers who choose to move out of rental housing and own a home for their own protection.

Interest rates are low and that’s excellent news for millennial homebuyers. Many may view millennials to be financially unstable and opposed to house ownership because of the recent surge in student loan debt, frequent work changes, and the effects of the 2008 housing crisis. However, contrary to expectations, a recent study finds the reverse. Millennials view home ownership to be a higher priority than almost two-thirds of millennials believe. For those born since 1980, having a house is a long-term investment, as well as a basic value.

For this generation of millennials, the pandemic was a once-in-a-lifetime chance to reverse migrate to the city from Mumbai’s suburbs or from other cities. Thanks to several new legislative measures, these young people were able to realize their migration dreams. The new-age buyer, known as the “Gen-Y” buyer, is concerned with finding comfort, accessibility, closeness to businesses and commercial areas, and all the other amenities that a house has to offer.

What millennials are looking to find in a home


The younger generation’s key concern is sustainability when it comes to home selection. In essence, the youngest generation is a conservation-minded group of individuals. These environmentally conscious customers want residences made to conserve energy and water, as well as those constructed using ecologically acceptable materials.

Homes made by Vraj Realtors contain rainwater collection, sewage water recycling, and many other ecologically conscious measures. Millennials should put their money into environmentally responsible projects because of this.

The lifestyle

Staying connected in the face of a pandemic has made it easier to stay productive, but the requirements for leisure have changed how individuals work and how they relax.

Millennials like houses that provide a range of activities because they like to have a range of things to do.

Residences in Vraj Tiara, Worli, are preferred for being centrally located since you have convenient access to all of the city’s many facilities such as hospitals; schools; supermarkets; high-end shops and luxury hotels within a few minutes reach. The simple fact is that it offers you everything you could possibly want to live the kind of lifestyle you strive for.

Flexibility and multipurpose dwellings

Millennials today regard houses as places where they may relax and retreat from the business of life, rather than “dwelling places” where they can make use of their free time. In the wake of the pandemic, we have come to recognize the importance of space in our homes, and this new standard has been made by the idea of “Work From Home” having become the new norm. Consequently, today’s homebuyers search for extra space that offers flexibility and comfort during the times when flexibility and comfort of living is vital.

Well-connected to key areas of economic, medical and everyday amenities,3, 4, and 5 BHK flats in Mumbai are popular with homebuyers who are interested in bettering the lifestyles of everyone in the family.

Vraj Tiara is not just an improvement in the lifestyle, but with the benefit of residences with sea facing homes and amenities like fully equipped gym on 24th floor, mini golf strip; café; observatory; and many more on the terrace. Plus, giving the pandemic state of things, Booking a home in Vraj Tiara with the it’s online video conferencing, virtual tours of the sample show flat, 24×7 customer assistance, live quotes, safe online booking and easy payment schemes.

Yes, you can virtually get the glimpse of views from these home’s balconies in south Mumbai,3, 4, 5 BHK sea facing flat with balconies in the heart of Mumbai- Worli. Sea facing flat with balconies as well as other amenities it has to offer.

With your dream home right in front of you, you can now schedule your appointment from the comforts of your home, while also being able to view the latest offers in this forthcoming project in real time at your fingertips.

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