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Essential tips to maintain a sea-facing property in Mumbai

While the rest of the world fantasizes about waking up to the sound of calm waves while living in a contemporary, floating metropolis like Mumbai, we keep our feet firmly grounded in the reality of living by the sea. We get the closest to living on the sea by living in residences that overlook it. Although these little miracles that allow you to take in the views and sounds of the vast Arabian Sea are satisfying enough, a home with a sea view comes with a premium price.

They are the epitome of luxury and tranquillity, with views of lashing waves, sparkling seas, and pleasant whiffs of coastal air as you wander from room to room. Most homes near the sea, like the 4 BHK flats in South Mumbai, have balconies opening to the panoramic view of the sea. However, as beautiful as the sunset views and amazing as the panoramas may be, it is important to maintain the sea side home with utmost care considering it has to be protected from moisture in the air

It is incomparable to wake up to the soothing sound of waves lapping or seeping in the delicately changing colours of the ocean throughout the year. But you must exercise necessary caution when creating and sustaining it.

Follow these tips to prevent the house from turning into a depressing repository for everything broken and unpleasant.

Here are some tips for maintaining a sea-facing home:
● Select an organic exterior finish and work your way in. The ideal choices are stone and concrete so they can withstand the whims of the sea.
● Pick oil-based paints of superior quality to prevent paint peeling from walls caused by the salt from the sea air.
● Staying close to the sea adds humidity to the rooms. The use of dehumidifiers can prevent the household from becoming a breeding ground for mold and mildew.
● Care for furniture in balconies and sun decks are essential due to exposure to sun and rain. Invest in removable covers for upholstery and cushions to prevent dust from sitting on them.
● Sea-side homes can cause corrosion since the salt in the air causes rusting. Choosing vinyl, fiberglass, plastic, stainless steel, and cane or wood as furniture would be ideal for balconies.

A sea-facing home has luxury amenities that offer you the highest degree of comfort. Generally, these homes are considered premium apartments. Luxurious 4 BHK flats in Worli, like Vraj Tiara offer spellbinding 270-degree sea views from every balcony. These 4 BHK sea-facing apartments have exclusive amenities like a dedicated gym on the 24th floor, a barbecue pit, a cafeteria, a sky lounge, and a kids’ play area etc. The residential tower also provides 8-floor ramp car parking facility with EV charging stations. The residential complex is strategically located close to health care facilities, and reputed educational institutes and is well connected to arterial roads, the upcoming metro, and Mumbai Coastal Road.

To sum it all up, the right preventative steps and routine care can guarantee that you can enjoy your property as it preserves and increases in value, even though a sea-front home might need a bit more upkeep.

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