February 5, 2022

Why you will lose your dream home over the waiting game in March 2022!

Mumbai, being the most expensive real estate market in India, has recently witnessed an explosive jump in the residential sector, in the year 2021. In a […]
January 29, 2022

Biophilic apartments are helping big city apartments to get back to nature.

Nature has always inspired us to stay connected with the universe on an emotional and spiritual level. The green movement has one of the most essential […]
January 16, 2022

Home Improvement with Vaastu Principles

A home is a space we find comfort in, an extension of our spiritual space and a manifestation of our nature. Each aspect of our lives […]
January 10, 2022

The dilemma of buying a home: Under Construction versus Ready to Move-in.

The recent pandemic has made most homebuyers realise the real estate investment as an asset class in comparison to the unpredictable stock market. To cut the […]
December 31, 2021

Should you Rent / Buy flats in Mumbai in 2022?

With the pandemic affecting the world for over a year, most city dwellers, especially in the suburban and urban settlements were in a dilemma over the […]
December 4, 2021

Tips for house hunting with child friendly features on the spectrum

Tips for house hunting with child friendly features on the spectrum Finding the right home is always a difficult and complicated endeavour. The complexity in the […]