May 20, 2021
blog_banners_nobalcony - Vraj Tiara

Lockdown perspective: With no balconies in Mumbai’s new constructions, is it time to save the space?

About the fact that Covid-19 conjures up images of deserted cities, there is one room that has gained notoriety for the way it bridges the private […]
May 13, 2021
blog_banners_southmumai - Vraj Tiara

Why are South Mumbai Properties at a Premium?

Due to the trending changes in the property market, one of the hottest topics for discussion is real estate. With the changing skyline of South Mumbai, […]
April 15, 2021
cp_invite (3) - Vraj Tiara

On CP Meet

And they were left awestruck! When we finally agreed that Brokers and Channel Partners meet for an interactive session, we were presented with so many challenging […]